Introducing Green Swan's game-changing
rapid-loading domestic freight transportation system

a rendering of the future green swan boxcar that is black, has a green roof and a green Green Swan logo on the side.

Rethinking Rail to Maximize Density, Improve Cargo Security, and to Accelerate and Automate Loading

Green Swan removes traditional barriers to shipping by rail saving time and money for companies looking for a greener, long-haul transportation system. At the core of Green Swan’s system is an open-top, solid-wall freight car that pairs with high-capacity cargo racks, called SecureRacks. The size and flexibility of the SecureRack’s modular design allows shippers to preload cargo and maximize the cubic density of each shipment. 

Green Swan Makes it Viable to Transfer Truck Traffic to Rail with Each Green Swan Freight Car Holding Approx. 5 Trucks of Cargo

Save Hours Loading Cargo: 

It can take hours for a forklift operator to load pallets into the side doors of a boxcar. Green Swan decks are loaded quickly and inserted into the SecureRacks. Preloaded SecureRacks are top-loaded into Green Swan freight cars within minutes using readily available lifting equipment like mobile cranes or container reach stackers.

Stop Shipping Air:

Maximize cargo per cubic feet on the rails. Green Swan’s adjustable, multi-floor SecureRacks mean that goods of different shapes and sizes can be stacked to leverage the full height of a boxcar. Even cargo that can’t typically be stacked can reach the ceiling. 

Improve Cargo Security:

The hood of each SecureRack forms a weather-tight seal to become the roof of the freight car and to create an inaccessible cargo bay. There are no doors on the outer walls of the railcar and all Green Swan railcars are tracked so you always know the location and condition of your shipment. You can integrate your current RFID tracking data into your delivery, adding another layer of security.

Cut First & Last Mile Costs:

Rail-serviced warehouses and industrial parks can install a custom automation to fill SecureRacks onsite effectively eliminating drayage costs and another layer of logistics. Other shippers will be able to access the service at Green Swan Cargo Hubs and drop off points through our transload partners. 

End Empty Backhauls:

Destuff containers at the port and let Green Swan freight cars take your cargo inland as your containers return to the ship weeks faster than they would now. Green Swan's on-demand day-hire model means you only pay for the service when your goods are on board. 

Offload On Your Timeline:

Once the Green Swan freight car arrives at its destination, the roof seal is released and the cargo-filled SecureRacks are removed from the railcar in minutes. The cargo is available for offloading at your convenience while the train consist is free to resume its trip without the usual hours-long unloading process.

Green Swan offers a meaningful win for all stakeholders

Companies that ship goods will make onsite shipping operations more efficient and cost effective and add safety and security for employees and cargo.

Governments will lessen wear on public roads and infrastructure and reduce carbon emissions by converting more trucks to rail.

The environment will have less carbon emissions emitted which will assist all stakeholders to reach their environmental commitments.

Railroads will attract new shipping customers by modernizing their carload service and increasing density on the tracks.

Trucking companies can focus on the first and last miles avoiding costly, CO2-emitting long-haul trips and avoiding driver fatigue. 

Consumers' purchases will be transported in the most efficient and eco-friendly way. 

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