The evolution of long-haul freight transportation

At Green Swan, we move cargo differently.

Our new logistics solution is many times more efficient than traditional long-haul trucking, making Green Swan a cost-effective, eco-friendly freight transportation alternative to trucking.

Historically, rail shipping prioritizes the number of containers it moves, not total cargo. This has been the status quo for over 50 years.

Long-haul trucks operate in a similar way, with the average truck departing at just 75% capacity, leaving one-quarter of space vacant due to inadequately organized goods, and vehicle limitations like single floor utilization and weight restrictions. 

Through AI-powered technology, our patent-pending solution is designed to maximize cargo density on the rails as it safely and efficiently packs cargo of all kinds into multi-level SecureRacks©.

When the Green Swan train arrives at the Green Swan Hub, the inbound SecureRacks are unloaded, and the pre-loaded outbound SecureRacks are loaded in a matter of minutes through an innovative, new class of top-loading freight car.

  • Consolidated shipping minimizes costs and removes empty back-hauls from roadways
  • Multiple floors hold more cargo on shorter trains requiring fewer locomotives and less energy to haul

Green Swan removes traditional barriers to shipping by rail, saving time and money for companies looking for a greener, long-haul transportation solution.

Stacks of coins

Surging fuel and labor costs for traditional transportation are increasing consumer pricing

The Green Swan Solution reduces shipping costs and increases speed of transport. We make it viable for companies who typically need to rely on trucking to ship by rail for the longest domestic middle mile.

CO2 Cloud

Most solutions to debarconize the supply chain are too disruptive to be viable

Governments, companies and client-change advocates agree CO2 emissions need to be reduced. Green Swan's patent-pending system leverages existing infrastructure and available technologies to provide an eco-friendly way to transport cargo long distances.

Half full truck

Bottlenecks in the supply chain and shipping air need to stop

​On average only 75% of truck’s available volume and weight limit is being utilized due to either the inability to stack cargo (e.g., too fragile) or axle weight restrictions. Containers go full from inland ports, but need to return to the port empty. Green Swan addresses this by maximizing density and eliminating empty returns.


Positive disruption, without being disruptive.

Green Swan is the only comprehensive line-haul transportation solution with the ability to rapidly and significantly minimize the carbon footprint and congestion caused by the inefficiencies of traditional transport via trucks, thereby modernizing how freight is moved from point A to point B.

One dedicated Green Swan train can hold the cargo usually transported by 500 transport trucks, or more. On a cross county trip, this can reduce fuel use by 140,000 gallons while cutting up to 1,400 tons of CO2 emissions, all while retaining the trucks’ flexibility on the first and last mile.

At a Green Swan Hub, a technological powerhouse, pallets of cargo are organized and optimally packaged into SecureRacks© by artificial intelligence before being top loaded into the railcar in a matter of minutes.  

The Green Swan moves cargo between hubs, much like a subway. At each end, and at carefully selected mini hubs along the line, SecureRacks© are unloaded in a matter of minutes. Cargo is then available for our trucking partners to collect and distribute the final mile. 

Green Swan leverages existing infrastructure to be a viable integrated solution. Partnerships with industry stakeholders will allow Class 1 railways, container companies, and trucking companies to modernize the middle mile of the supply chain for their shipping clients.

UPDATE January 2023: 
The Green Swan team is building two working prototype railcars and expect to conduct pilot shipments shortly. 
Keep up to date on our official launch by requesting email updates below. If you are interested in participating in our pilot programs, please contact us to discuss.
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