Reimagine Your Freight Strategy

a rendering of the future green swan boxcar that is black, has a green roof and a green Green Swan logo on the side.

Green Swan enables you to move cargo differently.

Green Swan has developed a new railcar and loading system that provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly freight transportation alternative.

Our new top-loading railcar makes rail service more efficient for current rail users and easier for shippers that traditionally use long-haul trucking to convert to rail. 

The Green Swan system is designed to maximize cargo density as it securely and efficiently packs commodities of all kinds into multi-level, adjustable Secure Racks.

Our loading system is installed on your premises, configured to your commodity and integrates with your existing infrastructure. 

Your team will load cargo onto the adjustable decks of the Secure Racks independent of the railcar being on site. The loaded Secure Racks, which have the railcar's roof attached, are top-loaded by a container handler or crane in minutes, sealed and ready for transport. Your employees will not interact directly with the rail car, increasing employee safety. 

Internal racks adjust to accommodate various commodities while the external Green Swan railcar stays the same. This eliminates waiting for commodity-specific cars and provides additional security by way of obscurity.

Green Swan railcars have no doors and are monitored by onboard sensors and computers.

Green Swan removes traditional barriers to shipping by rail by providing the loading speed of intermodal with the capacity of box cars. This saves time and money for companies looking for a greener, long-haul transportation system.

Stacks of coins

Surging fuel and labor costs for traditional transportation are increasing consumer pricing

The Green Swan Solution reduces shipping costs and increases speed of transport. We make it viable for companies who typically need to rely on trucking to ship by rail for the longest domestic middle mile.

CO2 Cloud

Most solutions to decarbonize the supply chain are too disruptive to be viable

Governments, companies and client-change advocates agree CO2 emissions need to be reduced. Green Swan's system leverages existing infrastructure and available technologies to provide an eco-friendly way to transport cargo long distances.

Half full truck

Bottlenecks in the supply chain and shipping air need to stop

​On average, only 75% of a truck’s available volume and weight limits are being utilized due to either the inability to stack cargo (e.g., too fragile) or axle weight restrictions. Containers go full from inland ports, but need to return to the port empty. Green Swan addresses this by maximizing density and eliminating empty returns.


Positive disruption, without being disruptive.

Green Swan is the only comprehensive line-haul transportation solution with the ability to rapidly and significantly minimize the carbon footprint and congestion caused by the inefficiencies of traditional transport via trucks and rail, thereby modernizing how freight is moved from point A to point B.

The design of the Green Swan railcars with Secure Racks allow you to maximize cargo density, reduce costs, and lower your environmental footprint.

Each Green Swan railcar holds approximately five truckloads of goods. Therefore, if you currently ship goods using 500 trucks, you could use approximately 100 Green Swan railcars instead. 

On a cross county trip, this can reduce fuel use by 140,000 gallons while cutting up to 1,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

Green Swan railcars will further reduce costs and negative environmental impact because it can eliminate empty backhauls, reduce yard congestion and dwell time, and minimize labour for loading and unloading operations.

Green Swan is currently partnering with early adopters to expedite the production of the Green Swan fleet. Eventually the solution will be available to all shippers. 

To participate in this phase of Green Swan's development, please complete the contact form below or email us by clicking here. 

UPDATE March 2023:
The Green Swan team, after building a successful prototype of its top-loading railcar, is now working with lighthouse customers to rapidly bring the railcar and loading system into service. Green Swan will focus on manufacturing the cars and the multi-commodity Secure Racks, enabling shippers to use the system directly on their premises.
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