Green Swan Prototype

Railcar Private Mark SWTX 0111944

Objective: To prove Green Swan's concept and the speed of top-loading a railcar by retrofitting a traditional boxcar. Rack size restricted to size of donor car. 

Partially Loaded Prototype Rack


  • Collapsible automotive parts totes shown for example, 48”x 45”, 11 high, 2 wide and 6 (6.8) units deep 
  • Rack size limited to donor railcar, 8’1”inside width, 25.5’ long, 12’ high.
  • Removable decks not installed 
  • Lower deck plates not installed
  • Cargo securement system not disclosed
  • Roof and sealing mechanisms not disclosed

First Lift, View From Dock


  • Railcar prime coated to cover previous RR marks
  • Mobile crane used for first lift, reach stacker not available
  • Spreader bars required for prototype crane lift
  • Standard ISO container lifting castings (20ft)
  • 30 mph wind gusts on day of lift, empty rack used
  • Removable decks not installed 
  • Roof and sealing mechanisms not disclosed
  • Prototype rack capacity modelled to 75 tons
  • Prototype rack capacity restricted to 10 tons
  • Prototype rack tested to 8.2 tons on lift day

Inside View of First Flight

Noise disclaimer: working rail yard and construction site, pile driving in background, 30mph winds

Flight to Staging Area

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